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You can create e-mail accounts using the Control Panel for your site. Login to the Control Panel, then select "Hosting Features" from the menu on the left-hand side of the page, choose E-mail from this expanded menu, then select Mailboxes

You will see a list of the existing email accounts for your domain in the lower part of the screen, and you can add a new email account using the fields in the upper part of the screen.

  1. Enter the name that will appear to the left of the @ sign (in the email address) into the field titled "E-mail Address". The name should NOT contain spaces.
  2. Enter the password that you would like to assign to this email account in both the Password and Confirm Password fields, or click Generate to have a strong password created for you. Remember to record the password in a secure place, such as in password management software.
  3. You can limit the amount of disk space that this email account can use by assigning a value (in megabytes) in the field titled "Disk Space Quota". The default is "No Quota" meaning that there is no limit (within your allocated space) on the amount of space this email account can use. 
  4. If another person should receive a copy of email sent to this email account, enter that person's email address in the field titled "Send Copy To". This option is useful if you need a second person to monitor messages that are sent to this email account.
  5. Click on Add to save this new email account.

Once this email account has been saved, you can begin using it immediately.

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