Where do I put (FTP) my web pages on the server? Print

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Web pages should be placed into the folder named html. When you FTP into your site you should see a folder with the name of your domain name. Double-click on this folder to reveal the folder named html. Open the html folder by double-clicking on it and put your web pages inside this folder. You may create sub-folders beneath the html folder in order to better organize your site, however, your home page should be placed into the html folder itself.

The remote path is "/yourdomainname.ext/html" (without quotes). Replace "yourdomainname.ext" with your actual domain name.

The welcome page that is displayed when your web site is activated is the default home page and it is named index.html. You may replace this page with your home page by naming your home page index.html then uploading it to the html folder, replacing (overwriting) the existing page.

The web server will load your home page automatically providing that its name is "index" followed by one of three extensions. The web server will look for index files in the following order:  index.php, index.html, and index.htm. For example, the web server will look for a file named index.php first and if it doesn't find a file with that name it will look for index.html next. If neither of these two file names exist, the web server will look for a file named index.htm. It will load whichever file name it finds first, in the above order, so if your home page is named index.htm and if you do not rename or delete the default welcome page named index.html, then the welcome page will load automatically instead of your home page. To rectify this, either name your home page index.html and upload it to the server, thereby overwriting the existing welcome page, or rename or delete the existing index.html page on the web server.

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