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If you can receive email but you are not able to send it or if you're getting the error message "relay denied", the problem could be caused by an outgoing mail setting in your email software.

Our web servers are set up to allow authenticated users to send mail using their domain name. This prevents unauthorized users (spammers) from sending email through our servers and tying up resources allocated to you. Authenticating your email account is easy. Check that you have the correct authentication setting in your email software by reviewing the instructions below for your specific mail software.

As you review the settings below, check the port number selected for the Outgoing Mail server. The default port number is 25, however, your ISP might require you to use 587 instead.

Outlook Express:
Select Accounts from the Tools menu. Select your email account from the Mail tab. Click on Properties then click on the Servers tab. Check the box titled "My server requires authentication". Double check to make sure your full email address is in the Account Name field. Click Apply, then OK, then Close.

Eudora Pro
Right-click on your email account in the Persona box. Select Properties from the pop-up window. Check the box titled Authentication Allowed. Double-check to make sure your full email address is in the Login Name box. Click OK.

Netscape Mail
Select "Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings" from the Edit menu. Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)". Check the box titled "Use name and password". Enter your full email address in the User Name box. Click OK.

Apple Mail
Select Preferences from Mail in the top menu and then select Accounts. Select "Edit SMTP Server List" from the Outgoing Mail Server field. Highlight the server name and then select the Advanced option below it. Select Password from the Authentication box and then enter your full email address in the User Name field and its password in the Password field. Click Ok.

You can find additional information on setting up your email software by clicking here.

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