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You can use email programs such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or any other mail program that's installed on your computer or device to check email. Configure your email software using the general settings below.

You can receive and send email securely using the web server's name. To find your site's server name in our Portal, go to "My Products & Services" and then click on Active next to your plan. The server name will appear near the bottom, under Hosting Information.

Sample customer:
John Doe | Domain Name - | Email Address -| Server Name -

Email Software Settings (Secure POP or Secure IMAP): Sample Customer
Display Name: [Name to Display to Recipients] John Doe
Login Name (Account or User Name): [user]@[yourdomainname]
Password: [user's password]  
POP or IMAP Server (incoming mail) Host Name: [servername]
SMTP Server (outgoing mail) Host Name: [servername]
SSL Encryption: Yes
Authentication: Required

Replace [yourdomainname] with your actual domain name.
Replace [user] with the name that appears to the left of the @ sign in your email address.

You can get additional information, specific to the software program that you are using, from the software company's Help menu or web site.

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