What's the difference between a domain name with WWW and one without WWW?

In many cases, there are no differences as many websites use these interchangeably.

There are, however, two different host records to point the WWW and non-WWW version of the name, and for a good reason:

  • The naked domain name, the one without WWW, is represented in your DNS Host Record by the '@' symbol under the Host Name column. This version of the domain name typically points to your website's address. However, your interoffice network administrator who is quite often in charge of both internal and external email may choose to have you point it elsewhere, so consult them before making changes to the non-WWW version of the name.
  • The WWW prefix on a domain is represented in the DNS Host Record by the WWW under Host Name and is typically the location of your website.

You can point each record to a different host by editing the Address information of the respective Host Name.

Historically, the non-WWW version of the domain name was used for email.

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Last updated: 8th June 2017

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