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Customers have asked me many times to open a second online store under a new domain name so that they can sell another line of products. They read that they can get more exposure by having more than one store. I advise them against it, and here's why.

Imagine that you have a regular retail store in a shopping mall. Customers come into your store to buy your products. They are looking for products A, B, and C, and you conveniently have them in stock. Now, imagine that you start selling product D, but instead of putting that product in your primary store, you go down the sidewalk a few doors and open a second store to sell it. Customers come into your first main store and buy products A, B, and C again. When they inquire about product D, you tell them that it's available in the other store. Your customers are very busy. Will they be happy? Have you made it convenient for them to buy your products?

Second Online Store

Now apply this same scenario to your online store. Put yourself in your customers' shoes and ask yourself these things. Will your customers be happy buying some of your products at one of your online stores but the rest at the other? Will they be satisfied when they need to check their order status at two online stores instead of one? Are you making their shopping experience convenient? Will they want to order from you again?

If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, consider keeping all your products under one online store. You will be giving your customers a more pleasurable shopping experience. You will make them happier about returning to shop again, which will turn them into repeat customers for years to come.


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Last updated: 15th February 2013

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